Are Createmplates completely free?

Yes. All the templates of Createmplates are free use. At the end of each presentation there is a slide with credits of the resources used by its design and the use of its rights.

What about photographs, font types and all icons included, are they also free use?

All the elements included on the file are free use you only need to credit them. (some of the resources used licence Creative Commons).

Can I edit and modify a template?

Yes, absolutely we encourage you to do it, please. Use your favourite or corporative colours, change the font type or personalise the images of your presentation. You can also delete the slides unusable for your presentation.

When I open the template the font type has changed…

It is common that the font is not on your computer, but it can be download easily on the link on the credits slide or on Google Fonts.

How can I improve my presentation?

Each slide of Createmplates include a useful advice to organise the information and display it in a professional way.

Useful ideas for an effective presentation

Visit our section Useful ideas for an effective presentation, you will find an advice list to have a bigger impact with your presentation.