Useful ideas for an effective presentation

How to prepare your effective presentation

Order the main ideas you want to present

Make an outline or a conceptual map before beginning to design your presentation.

Organize your presentation in a clear and simple way

Start and finish with emotional ideas leaving the technical or more formal data at the center of your presentation. Remember a slide an idea!

Practice, practice and more practice!

Practice again and again your presentation standing, watch the tone of your voice and your body movement. What emotions are you transmitting? Do you have a monotonous or enthusiastic attitude? Does what you express adapt to the emotion you want to convey? Remember, the information is transmitted with emotion.

Suggestions for the day of your great presentation


Before you start talking connect with yourself. Take a couple of deep breaths by taking the air in an abdominal way and think of something that makes you smile. We all feel good smiling!

Introduce yourself, tell something about yourself that your audience does not know about

A phrase that inspires you, a brief idea or a small story that stands out on your resume can break the ice and get the attention of your audience.

Ask your audience by looking them in the face

What do you think about the idea you are telling them? Make them participants in your speech, we all like to feel included in the room.

Create micro spaces of silence when you notice that your speech is accelerating

Breathe and reconnect with your body. Silence is also a space that contains information.

Thank you for the time, space and opportunity to present your ideas to your audience

Thank you for your time and luck in your next presentation!